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Boombox, part 2

Plenty of movement with this project, namely in the form of enclosure materials and quite a bit of design changes!

Looking for what to make the enclosure with, I soon came across this damaged shelve in the dumpster. Made out of particle board and torn to sheets for the bin, most of the parts were slightly broken from the edges. Then again, with the bad parts cut off you still had plenty of usable material. Biggest downside immediately apparent: With these sheets being 19mm thick, whatever you build with them is not going to be exactly lightweight. But sure, I’ll accept free “raw materials”, at least for testing something. Once installed in the trolley, the weight becomes less of an issue anyway.  For outdoor use, the sheets will also need a layer of paint applied, something I was planning to do anyway.

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Boombox, part 1

LL with a bit of BOOM

With my summer vacation now about a week away, I’ve already spent the better part of july planning and gathering some parts for a boombox project. Despite I have no solid design yet, the general idea is to end up with a portable audio system that outperforms the bog-standard crappy plastic speaker replicas. Something I can take with me to cater a decent-quality soundtrack for a sunny summer day outdoors doing absolutely nothing (besides maybe getting some tan on my moobs). The overall plan is (as usual), ” stick with what is available for free” and make it a fun project without stressing about appearance. Basically I’m fine with whatever, just as long as it can handle outdoor use. Shouldn’t prove too difficult with these specs ;)

The Go + Play, here to spice up my babble.

The early stages of this project revolved around yours truly thinking what to do with a 11″ speaker and a 55Ah car battery. Spending a cabin weekend with a bunch of friends early june, we decided to hook up the car battery to a Harman/Kardon Go + Play boombox to save up on battery costs. The HK box uses the eight of the big D-type batteries (8*1V5 = 12V) and according to spec this gives you around 18 hours of playing time. Thus you could easily end up using three sets of batteries over a weekend, adding up to over 40€ plus a neat pile of problematic waste on the landfill. I knew for certain that the car battery should have no issues powering the boombox all weekend despite being drained round the clock.. And quite so it did! All this got me thinking about a boombox project of my own.

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