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HxC, testing testing

After spending quite a bit of time testing the HxC with Mirage I can state that saving, formatting and loading all work as they would with ordinary floppies! If you start from a “clean slate” by dumping your existing set of floppies, no problem. Just do the conversion chores like I described earlier and you’re running Mirage from a SD card in no time! However, if you have any disk dumps created with the variety of existing Mirage utilities, be prepared to spend a fair amount of time getting frustrated trying to find a working combination of tools. I’ll save my experiences on the latter to the end of this post, since they don’t really relate to HxC functionality in any way.

During my testing sessions, I’ve been using Mirage Ed for sending samples over MIDI. This was the only app which had both parameter editing AND sample transfer that worked reliably. Too bad that I find the parameter editing and UI pretty annoying otherwise ;).. Mirage Sample Dumper and Mirage Edit worked sort of half way there, crashing more than often. The latter also managed to crash Mirage whilst transferring a sample!

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HxC for Ensoniq Mirage

Ever heard of Ensoniq Mirage? In case you haven’t, it’s a 8-bit sampler from mid 1980s and when introduced, it was the first sampling keyboard to break the 2000$ price barrier. Before Mirage, you either bought a car or a sampler ;). Needless to say, the price point made this sampler very popular at the time.

Ensoniq Mirage DSK. Image courtesy of Johnrpenner / Wikimedia Commons.

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