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TTSH, road case design

Despite all the cutting board & dust cover biz in december (and against all expectations) I also had a few moments to start sketching CAD plans for the road case of my Two-Thousand-Six-Hundred. These initial sketches evolved into a marginally final plan by early january.

By “marginally final” I mean that the design is perhaps “80% there”. I really see no point in putting more work to draw the design all the way, as some of the fine details are better off handled on the fly. Kind of goes with practicing wood work etc. :).. Here’s that design:

My TTSH road case design

My overall plan for TTSH road case.

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Flexible Stream

I’m just so excited about all the CNC ideas available at Flexible Stream I can’t resist plugging it a little bit more. So in case you missed this site from my tweets, go check it out NOW! The ‘50 digital wood joints‘ looks much like something I definitely have to draw inspiration from with a loudspeaker project I’m about to start working on (hopefully) sometime soon :)

Oh and Flataalto is so <3