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Klee, mech fuckups

What a nice week of milling fuckups with the Klee mech.

After milling the top panel, I noticed I forgot to draw in three SPDT switches. No idea how this slipped past my radar, as I did check the drawings many times prior to milling. Situation was pretty much saved by the fact that I had at least reserved space for the switches. Just add the holes and the project is back on track..

Three missing.

.. or it would be, had I just drilled these holes by hand. Instead, I chose to go all fancy and use the router! Aligning the board on the CNC table for adding these holes was of course a total annoyance, but I got it right eventually.

Just to have a bit of extra crap thrown in, the CNC program decided that these three holes should have a 1mm offset on Y-axis. Something I of course noticed right about the moment the milling bit went in :). No idea why it turned out this way, after all zero location was ok and I did check for it three times. But whatever, the 1mm difference was persistent so I just compensated for it by offsetting the zero location.

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Klee, mech WIP

Work-in-progress teaser ;)

Sub panel starting to take shape.

Close-up of right edge, the home of all rotary potentiometers.