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Lamp rig

A quick hack to replace a 500W halogen lamp that broke during a photo shoot. Made this simple bulb rig by affixing some GU5.3 lamp holders to a piece of wood via straightened L-brackets and installed what bulbs I had at hand (adding up to about 200W).

Lamp rig

The rig is mounted on top of a Ikea Grundtal door hanger, no need to affix the two together since the counterweight given by the lamp transformers (hung on the opposite side of the door) is enough :)

Lamp rig, Ikea Grundtal door hanger

The lamp rig installation kit à la Ikea.

Photo shoot a-go-go

Photo shoot a-go-go.

As for the actual project, well, more on that in a few weeks.


Keyboard drawer mat

Ah, parenting! Who wouldn’t like watching their kids grow up, learning new skills in the process and all that.


Lately, my kid learned the questionable skill of “let’s steal dads mouse mat and take/hide it to a random location in the house“. I bothered keeping up with the play about until yesterday, when the mat disappeared somewhere completely out of sight. So to kick off today, I decided to spend half an hour coming up with something “kid-safe”. Read More…

Wire LED lamp repurposed

Time for a quick hack! Got a pyramid crystal tower LED lamp for christmas similar to this:

LED wire tree, pic by Michelle (click image to visit).

Pretty fucking horrible :D .. To make it even worse, the LEDs used are of very cold/clean white light type (unlike in the picture above). Put this thing on the shelve, power it up and it’s like the whole thing is shouting “HEY! I’m here and will MAKE SURE YOU NEVER FORGET CHRISTMAS!”. Not wanting to trash this set of 32 pre-wired and perfectly usable LEDs, I decided to figure out an alternate use for them. The solution: a moody night-light for the bedroom! Read More…

Tape delay

Was digging through some boxes in the basement and came up with a little something from a long-abandoned project (I’d estimate around 2004 or so)..:

When time becomes a loop, when time becomes..

Quite simply, the idea here was to modify a useless cassette deck to a tape delay unit. However, I never got much further than this loop cassette as I was unable to get the tape running at a constant speed. Not sure whether additional roller guides (or such) would’ve been needed inside the shell, but what little I was able to test didn’t work. Hence, the project got binned pretty soon after.

Had I gotten the loop cassette running smoothly, there would’ve been plenty of problems to tackle. For instance, the gap between record and playback heads is pretty narrow. So, unless the tape deck would’ve been wired to run in reverse (and at adjustable speed), the delay time would’ve been pretty short.

So yeah, just a short fun post since coming across the cassette brought back some memories :).. If you’ve actually built similar-ish thing, I’d love to see some links and sound examples. I know the one from Dr. Zee, but I’d be moreover curious to see whether the speed issues off my single cassette approach could be made to work..

Boombox, part 6

Final touches, not much to it.. :)

Amp all wired up, USB power adapter installed to cigarette lighter socket.

Read More…