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My DIY Blog xmas special: Turkey, part 3

Not much of a surprise that I had to post-pone writing the final part until christmas day, was just too stuffed with all the OM-NOM-NOM food and belgian ale ;).. And, having spent the better part of christmas eve slaving over the dinner, sitting down to write this wasn’t exactly “priority 1” either.

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My DIY Blog xmas special: Turkey, part 2

After bathing in cider brine overnight (check part 1 here), my DIY xmas special advances to stage 2! Read More…

My DIY Blog xmas special: Turkey, part 1

Ho ho ho, it’s xmas holidays off-topic time! Along this very ‘as it happened’ idea, I thought I’d DIY something completely different (in the form of a turkey) to celebrate the holidays. I selected two recipes to build upon, the apple cider brined turkey and bacon-wrapped turkey.

The bacon-wrapped turkey. Anxiously waiting to see how my version turns out.. ;)

The bacon-wrapped turkey. Photo by

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Davetone tests

Eventually managing to arrange a test session for my Davetones, a short summary is in order. My friend Kraku was kind enough to help, and so we spent a good hour listening to this and that. First up, the test setup:

Davetone vs. Avantone vs. Genelec 8050 :)

Neither me or Kraku have the equipment for doing proper freq graph analysis, so all comparisons were performed by ear alone and whilst listening to this and that.. Just to namedrop a few of the playlist entries, we had bands/artists like Nine Inch Nails, Madonna, Aaron Neville and Pendulum. We had output busses set up in Logic Pro so that A/B switching could be done on the fly without interruptions. Read More…

DIY.. of sorts

Recently joking on the topic of “put that DIY on your blog” with a couple of friends, I’ll follow up on that discussion this much.  Here you go Kimmo, Niko and Joonas ;)

Definitely way more than "my DIY".

Ongoing for 8 days to date, I reckon she’ll prove the longest-winding project I’ll ever take on.. Promise I’ll save you from further work stage posts here! ;)