HP M200 WIFI issues

Recently had to toy around with a couple of brand new HP V-M200 (model J9468A) access points that had serious issues with WIFI connectivity and maintaining solid U/D speeds. So I figured I’d share this since I seem not to be the only one :)

The V-M200 / M200 access point..

The V-M200 / M200 AP, the not-so-solid performer

So the way problems were was, that a) clients either didn’t connect at all or b) establishing a connection took a long time (15-30 seconds or more). Then, if connection was successful, it was either c) dropped shortly after or if it lasted long enough to run speedtest.net, d) the U/D speeds were wildly fluctuating from anything between <1 – 45 Mbps.

First thing of course, I tried updating the firmware with the latest version (at the time) from HP’s website (version, to no end. After that I moved on to the usual, like testing various encryption options and checking for overlapping APs. Yet again no luck.

In the end HP customer support was able to help by providing a firmware update, but finding who to contact wasn't exactly easy. The supplier didn’t accept returns but advised I need a case number from HP. Calling the support phone number given, it didn’t have a specific support area for networking hardware at all. The person I spoke with gave a dead email contact address (classic one). Another phone support number would tell me to contact the other number I had just dialed before (yet another classic).

I don’t find it exactly helpful either that the HP product page rather wants to offer brochures and the like, and for any usable download links you need to stumble across the Networking Support Lookup Tool. Bit of a dig that one.

Anyhoo bla-bla-bla and a long story short, registering a HP passport account and then making claim was the key to success. Shortly after a support person contacted me via email and hooked me up with a firmware update. Yay \o/

So while secretly wishing HP would get all their mess of a customer support sorted out, I figured might as well make things easier for anyone else experiencing the same issues and offer a direct link..

HP M200 firmware V5.4.1-M200-B16481 download

..It’s at least way more straight-forward than trying to look it up from the HP website :). Mandatory disclaimer: If you decide to test this update, don’t come crying over any bricked hardware. It should be perfectly safe though, as HP seems to also have recently updated their product website to list this version. So take a pick!

Lessons learned..: What little network stuff I've done I've always been very happy with HP switches. Having these APs fail straight out of the box thus was a decent surprise. Good reminder that known-good “favourites” can also fail in a massive way :)

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3 responses to “HP M200 WIFI issues”

  1. bnj04 says :

    Thank you !!!

  2. john says :

    nope, still a bad version of firmware. makes me think HP released this on purpose so they could pull this out of their line. the previous versions of firmware were much more stable. this keeps dropping signal. I’m watching it with INSSIDER and it’s performing terrible. sure wish I could find a stable version of firmware around. have you had any more luck with this unit or moved on?

    • Arto says :

      Yeah moved on, just wasn’t worth the efforts with the quality of customer support HP offered. Had bit of the same as you, the box was somewhat better after the fw upgrade but still utterly poor for a (supposedly) enterprise class device.

      Bought a Buffalo WAPS-APG600H to replace it; all problems gone. It even supports both 2.4G & 5G freqs simultaneously, and not just one of the two :)

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