Wrapping up 2013

No christmas special this year (thank god.. err.. Flying Spaghetti Monster), so I thought I’d post a brief end-of-the-year summary.


Photo shamelessly stolen from keepcalmomatic.co.uk !

2013 was special to me because I was fortunate enough to have a sabbatical, spending the year completely off the 9-to-5 routine, enjoying this and that at home and taking care of my kid. Oh so preciousssssssss-ssssss!

So what transpired during 2013? Looking back, the year saw me:

  1. Modding my good old AKAI S2000 for internal SCSI,
  2. tweaking the S-Video output of a Commodore C64,
  3. kludging a substitute for a mouse mat  (very effectively still in use!),
  4. quick-hacking some lamps for a photoshoot and then,
  5. using the results to wrap up a long due build post (+ releasing a single on digital while at it),
  6. cabling up my Klee sequencer build and then
  7. somewhat out of the blue, making some blackcurrant leaf juice (!),
  8. re-working the preamp of my DIY spring reverb, Jerry Springer, and finally
  9. spending a few hours of a rainy dainy to organize home keys.

.. and all this enabled me to hit the 200 post mark.. Yay, I guess?

I also spent the better part of the year working on this big build project. I was really hoping to have it wrapped up by now, but other expenses forced me to postpone some part purchases etc. As it stands the build is about 95% done so there’s no way I’m dropping it this close to finish. The reason why I want to keep it under the lid for now, is to try a slightly different approach to all this DIY blogging. So bear with me, while I get the stuff done ;)

Aaaand that’s about it! I thank everyone of you subscribing the RSS feed and wish you the bestest of new year! 5-4-2-1 OFF-BLAST! \:D/

If  you’re curious to check out more of pointless My DIY Blog stats, then head over to the automated annual WordPress report!

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