Keyboard drawer mat

Ah, parenting! Who wouldn’t like watching their kids grow up, learning new skills in the process and all that.


Lately, my kid learned the questionable skill of “let’s steal dads mouse mat and take/hide it to a random location in the house“. I bothered keeping up with the play about until yesterday, when the mat disappeared somewhere completely out of sight. So to kick off today, I decided to spend half an hour coming up with something “kid-safe”. What this boiled down to was basically a leg of some old jeans getting applied over the drawer top :)

The build

So hmm, how to apply the fabric on the drawer (metallic)?

The keyboard drawer and a jeans leg.

The keyboard drawer and a jeans leg.

Fabric glue would’ve been a no-brainer but this would’ve also involved extended drying period (clamps needed etc.) and probably my kid covered in glue all-over. She so likes to help with this kind of stuff.

Since it’s also weekend, the prime time for making music (and maybe blogging too), I simply can’t put up with any computer “downtime” and thus glue becomes a definite no-go. Besides, I hate cleaning up the mess if the fabric needs to come off at some point later on.

Lucky for me, the keyboard drawer top is fastened to the actuator rails using four M4 screws. The top also has this plastic trimming on the front edge, probably to “smooth” it (and prevent scratching).. not that the front edge is at all sharp enough to cause scratching! However, it does make a totally awesome, non-permanent fabric clamp for this mod.

First corner locked down.

First corner locked down.

Front edge sorted out.

Front edge sorted out.

With the front edge firmly in place, the rest of the build is simply about stretching the fabric over the drawer top and trimming away excess fabric from the sides.

Sides needed to be trimmed down.

Side-trimming in progress..

Fabric stretched over the drawer top, ready for installation!

.. and fabric stretched over the drawer top, ready for installation!

Add keyboard, keyboard and mouse.

Add keyboard times two and mouse.

Since the sides are not fastened down at all, they do curve up a bit. Nonetheless, it’s more of a visual thing than anything that hinders use. A very functional solution all-in-all and the surface feels way more nice to touch, much thanks to the worn out / old jeans fabric.

Kinda makes me wonder how a jeans-treated surface would work for eg. instrument panels (like a synthesizer).. :)

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6 responses to “Keyboard drawer mat”

  1. Jim Leonard says :

    How I fixed this same problem: Trackball.

  2. NinjaNina says :

    Awesome :D
    Although ironing the fabric first might have made it easier? :)

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