Klee, mech fuckups

What a nice week of milling fuckups with the Klee mech.

After milling the top panel, I noticed I forgot to draw in three SPDT switches. No idea how this slipped past my radar, as I did check the drawings many times prior to milling. Situation was pretty much saved by the fact that I had at least reserved space for the switches. Just add the holes and the project is back on track..

Three missing.

.. or it would be, had I just drilled these holes by hand. Instead, I chose to go all fancy and use the router! Aligning the board on the CNC table for adding these holes was of course a total annoyance, but I got it right eventually.

Just to have a bit of extra crap thrown in, the CNC program decided that these three holes should have a 1mm offset on Y-axis. Something I of course noticed right about the moment the milling bit went in :). No idea why it turned out this way, after all zero location was ok and I did check for it three times. But whatever, the 1mm difference was persistent so I just compensated for it by offsetting the zero location.

Second milling fuckup was also CNC table aligning related, though this time on the Z-axis. I decided to add pockets around the the jack connector through-holes to make them more flush with the panel. Since there was the Z-axis misalignment near top-left edge, the topmost jack pocket turned into a through-hole. My quick fix was to add a small piece of sheet under the top panel. Once the holes are covered up and the jack is installed, you can’t really tell the difference. Good amount of extra work nonetheless.

A quick repair to fix the jack through-hole milling mishap.

As good as the other ones, when jack is mounted.

The overall structure of my Klee follows a similar approach as my x0xb0x. PCBs and controls are mounted to a sub panel which is in turn attached to board risers on the top panel. The rest of the casing is attached to top panel through L-brackets. On the flipside, this arrangement looks like the following:

The board risers are mounted using countersunk screws going through the top panel, so the get a smooth/even front surface the screw heads need to be spackled up. Since the top panel is aluminium I get to use my favourite, metal from Kemi ;)

Metal from Kemi aka kemiläistä metallia.

Countersunk holes and fuckups spackled with chemical metal..

..and water sanded to 360 grit. A nice round figure ;)

I got started assembling the PCBs too. Turned out I forgot to shop for a 78L10 regulator (TO-92 package), so for the time being I have it replaced with a standard (TO-220 package) one. Size difference is big enough to warrant this a “lovely kludge” badge :)

Some progress with the PCBs..

..though the less correct regulator type is a decent kludge ;)

Must admit it’s nice to have most of the mech already sorted out before starting with the actual electronics. Sort of feels better when there’s a “let’s assemble” kind of flow/momentum going.

Just for the record, I’m using 2mm aluminium for the rack brackets, top and sub panels. The rest of the casing will most likely be acrylic, but I’m yet to choose which thickness I’ll end up with. Got a few things I want to test with acrylic, so this project is a good candidate for that.

Mech taking shape, next up perhaps some paint..


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