Wire LED lamp repurposed

Time for a quick hack! Got a pyramid crystal tower LED lamp for christmas similar to this:

LED wire tree, pic by Michelle (click image to visit).

Pretty fucking horrible :D .. To make it even worse, the LEDs used are of very cold/clean white light type (unlike in the picture above). Put this thing on the shelve, power it up and it’s like the whole thing is shouting “HEY! I’m here and will MAKE SURE YOU NEVER FORGET CHRISTMAS!”. Not wanting to trash this set of 32 pre-wired and perfectly usable LEDs, I decided to figure out an alternate use for them. The solution: a moody night-light for the bedroom!

My overall idea was to remove the LEDs and put them on something that is easy to mount to the bed end. This way all the light emitted will be indirect and the light color will become more warm. For the lamp body, I ended up with a +120cm wooden stick removed from a door frame. As the final result will be “out of sight”, the lamp doesn’t have to be anything fancy visually.

So yeh to boot with, the “abomination to decorative lights” needs to be separated to usable and unusable. I first cut away all the brittle clear plastic (the “crystal” bit) and then halved the metal wire frame to top and bottom parts. The latter might have been good for a lamp shade frame, but to the metal recycling bin it went anyway.. It’s not like I’m planning to go all “lamps” here :)

Raw materials, let's assemble!

Keeping “out of sight” in mind, it’s not like the LED holes really need to have uniform spacing either. Thus, I went for “whatever works for the cabling”.

LEDs on a stick.

Apparently hot glue is pretty decent for diffusing light too :)

As you can see from the picture above, the LEDs have a concave tip. This means the light is emitted mostly from the sides and not the tip. Indeed as-is, the LEDs only had a small white dot in the center when viewed from the top. Not too good for even light at all.

So whilst gluing the LEDs to secure them in place, I decided to try giving them a convex tip with a dab of hot glue. This turned out a perfect solution, increasing the amount of light quite a lot. The light also seemed to transfer well to other areas of a blob, so this trick might work well for making larger uniform diffusing surfaces too!  Definitely need to remember this one for later testing :)

Couple of drywall screws to mount the lamp to bed end..

..and some electricity to light it up!

Moody night light in action.

And that’s it! Pending improvement is to add a separate on/off switch; in its current state you need to get up from the bed to turn it on/off. Not too handy.. :)

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