Klee, starting out small

Returning to something way more DIY-ish after the off-topicness the other day, I figured maybe it’s time to officially kick off my Model 2 Klee Sequencer project. Thing is, I’ve had the bare PCBs for a Klee for over 2 years now, but I promised myself not to have yet-another-incomplete-project on my desk until I’ve completed some of the existing builds. Reckon that moment is here, finally.

For my Klee, the plan is to take the “design-route”. That is, get all the items needed before starting assembly and the put enough hours to measurements, planning and sketching. This way, I’ll hopefully end up with a fairly ready-to-assemble set of parts and be able to complete the Klee over a few build sessions. Spec-wise, its all extras/add-ons and sliders instead of rotary pots. Mechanically,  I’m thinking of doing yet another sub panel approach to hide sliders screws etc. and basing the panel design to Stephen Drake’s Klee. It looks like this:

..though I’ll aim for a standard rack unit instead of MOTM format Steve is using. If this doesn’t work out, then a desktop Klee should be just as fine.. Or maybe I’ll just add rack ears to have both!

Anyway, despite the planning, I do have to perform some assembly.. What a neat excuse for adding some photos ;). As the sub panel approach requires careful planning, I figured I’m probably better off checking dimensions with the actual parts (than according to datasheets). The switches and LEDs will get mounted to the sub panel on two perfboards (2×8 switches and 8 LEDs, each).

Mapping out a switchboard..

..and all switches soldered.

The sliders will be installed rather close to one another

A quick layout sketch minus the switchboard, based on Stephen Drake's design. Switches and LEDs missing.

That’s all! Like said, starting out small and easy :)

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