Payback sans pay

This post is very much DIY off-topic (I even added a ‘off-topic’ category just for this!), but I’m adding it here too.  As I don’t really have any means (eg. network) of spreading official announcements to news sites, this is about the only additional coverage I can give it. Also, since my current Bitchard -website isn’t very SEO-friendly, having the news here (sort of) fixes that.

So, if you’re a fan of the iPhone / iPod Touch port of Payback (the video game), read on..

I’m sorry to announce that as of yesterday, I’ve sent a request to James of Apex Designs to remove my works from the game soundtrack. No idea when the removal will actually happen, but I wanted to be the one to inform fans of the game right off the bat, that such a change is on its way. Thing is, when me and James agreed about using my tunes for the GP2X version, we never discussed about subsequent versions (ports) of the game nor did we draft any written contracts about tune usage. I somehow got the impression, that IF further ports would be planned, the people involved would at least be informed.. Needless to say, when a friend tipped me off about the iPhone version surfacing in App Store, I sure was surprised. After this, I contacted James and we settled the issue. As other musicians had allowed their works to be used free-of-charge in this new version, I figured mine can be kept in as well. No idea whether I let myself to be mislead at this point, but it’s a whole different thing anyway.. ;)

If only getting paid would be this easy in real life..

But without getting deeper into endless analysis, let’s fast-forward to this day. I now feel that I’ve given enough time for James and Apex Designs to recoup development costs for the iPhone version of Payback without getting a dime for myself. Seeing that the game apparently continues to sell but remains financially beneficial only “one way”, I no longer wish to support the project.

So, all you Little Bitchard / Payback fans out there, I seriously hope that you understand my move and don’t blame me for degrading a game you’ve paid for. Knowing how neat review ratings the game soundtrack has received, it saddens me to cripple the overall game experience this way. But I’m sure you agree, that nice words alone do not help me try to make a living out of what I enjoy doing the most NOR do I have to keep a “live” reminder about my mistakes until the end of times.  It’s definitely my bad for not thinking ahead and securing a proper written contract.

The in-game tunes will be available on the Bitchard website (under the BY-NC-SA licence) for free anyway, just as they always have been. So when playing the game, just put these on and crank up your stereo!

You want me to go shopping, cook the food and put it in front of you, but you won’t let me sit down and eat with you? What the fuck is that?!

— Immortal Technique: “The Message and the Money”

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4 responses to “Payback sans pay”

  1. lochieferrier says :

    Wow nive blog you’ve got over here arto. You write a lot about interesting stuff. Thanks for subscribing to me.

  2. arto says :

    Apparently there’s a lot of similar “charity” work going on in the field of photography too. Tony Sleeps post about the matter pretty much sums up my feelings about the Payback deal. Check it out from the following link:

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