Ever wondered what a +50 EUR DIP chip circa early 1980s looks like? Well, here you go:

..Money well spent?

Took “only” about three years to source two of these in NOS (new-old-stock) condition, so you can guess how big of a victory seeing the second one on my desk felt ;).

..into the VCF/EG board the chip goes.

Possibly worthwhile noting from the picture above that I’ve added sockets for all custom chips. This speeds up cross-testing. For some reason Yamaha has decided to use wider-than-usual pin spacing on the PCB, thus the pins of the sockets had to be bent to match. The spacing is somewhat equivalent to the what you might see on DIP chips when taken fresh out from a container tube, so I’m thinking maybe they designed it this way possibly to speed up assembly(?)..

Anyway, this finally makes my CS15D fully functional and oh boy does it sound sweet! Truly, these Yamaha VCF chips have a character unlike any other VCF chip of the era. It will definitely be interesting to do some actual testing with how well their sound will sit in-the-mix :)

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4 responses to “IG00156”

  1. sole says :

    Always amazing. Not only do you great music, repeatedly and consistently, but besides you do terrific DIY stuff!

    Been following this blog for a while, though I rarely comment (since I can’t hardly add anything more than a WOW!!) :-)

    Keep up the good work, it’s always an awesome read!

  2. pauperrasta says :

    where i can buy 18!!!

    • Arto says :

      Sorry am totally unable to help! Can’t recall exactly which shop was it where I found mine, but it was either some south korean or japanese that had a inventory online. Some company like Behringer really should look into doing a repro of these chips..

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