Boombox, part 6

Final touches, not much to it.. :)

Amp all wired up, USB power adapter installed to cigarette lighter socket.

Battery strapped to the beer trolley and (handy) quick-release battery terminals attached.

For fastening the speakerbox to the trolley, I decided to test door locking latches. The ones I have turned out not too good a fit (required a bit of bending), so it remains to see how well they last in the long run. They’re fastened both to a metal sheet and the trolley.

Locking latches for fastening the speakerbox to the trolley, locking pins still waiting to be sourced.

When I get to replace the visualizer level adjustment potentiometer, I’ll probably end up rotating the junction box 90 degrees. As it is now, the beer trolley rather effectively blocks the potentiometer from being adjusted. One visualizers seems a bit more sensitive than the other too. If the cause for this turns out to be other than potentiometer-related, I might have to add some “padding” resistor to the more sensitive one.

..and both detached from one another.

Figured I’d for once also do a parts expense list, so here you go:

  • Lepai LP-168HA amplifier 18€
  • Cigarette lighter jack 3€
  • Car battery terminals 6€
  • Ipod charging cable 2€
  • Heart-shaper equalizers 9€
  • Can of Hammerite paint (1/4 used) 18€
  • Locking latches 7€
  • Installation beer 20€
  • TOTAL 83€

One additional extra I left out from the list (as well as the pictures) is a +12VDC powered 8-liter cold storage shoulder bag (49€). Not really part of the trolley, but definitely a must for cold beverages. Gotta make use of the car battery ;)

Sound-wise I’m rather happy with what I ended up with. There’s a fair amount of bass though the “deepest end” is non-existent. The enclosure (or the 6″ speakers) does resonate mechanically a bit if bass is cranked all the way up, but this can be in turn masked up by cranking up the treble. All in all, the Lepai amp can drive the speakers to full volume with very little distortion. If standing next to the Boombox, the maximum volume level is bordering around “what did you say?” but definitely not “fuck my ears are bleeding”.. Unless maybe if treble is cranked up.

Boom'n'roll :)

Reckon that’s all about this project then! :)

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7 responses to “Boombox, part 6”

  1. Dillon says :

    Impressive! I’ve been following your build and I never really had an idea of what the finished project was going to look like until now. The finished project is very clean. Great job.

    • arto says :

      Thanks! Gotta admit that on some occasions, I had no clear idea what this project would turn out either :)

  2. Nina says :

    Bestest :)

  3. Florin says :


    Great project !

    I have in my garage the same set of Panasonic speakers ,can you tell me pls how you made ​​the connection between speakers and the Lepai amplifier,the connection diagram

    thanks a lot

    • Arto says :

      can you tell me pls how you made the connection between speakers and the Lepai amplifier,the connection diagram

      Thanks! I sure can: The amplifier outputs two stereo pairs. I’m using one pair for the two 6″ bass drivers, both on separate channels. The other pair is hooked up to the smaller drivers, three drivers (4″, 2″ & 1″) per channel. These are chained like in the original speaker design.

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