Boombox, part 3

With the sheet pieces cut, this project is now moving swiftly towards assembly! At the moment, there’s still a bit of CNC pending as I need to wait for some parts to arrive.

The final structural layout on the right side panel, left still has the old one.

Whilst doing the sheets, I also decided to cut a bunch of 9x9mm sticks. Their planned use is to make the top sheet assembly of the upper 6″ speaker compartment stronger. But, should the need arise I can use the extras as assembly supports elsewhere inside the enclosure.

Sheets cut, angled and top pieces still missing.

For the angled front piece, I re-drew it to use 45 degree angles. This leaves a bit more room for the 4″ speakers, not to mention simplifying sketching and cutting. I’m thinking of doing some sort of a player (Ipod) dock on the angled piece, but have no sketches yet. Safe to say, there’s definitely plenty of space between the left/right 2″ + 1″ speakers for whatever. The gap between 4″ speakers should fit some sort of a carrying handle (or additional connectors).

Anyway, with the cut sheets at hand I was able to verify the enclosure for fit in “3D”. This revealed that the lower 6″ compartment maybe just a bit too tight to fit the reflex tube. At the moment, it seems more likely that both of the compartments will remain ‘sealed box’ after assembly. Will verify the dimensions once more after I have all the compartment sheets securely fastened together.

This is somewhat how the 6" compartments should turn out.

Rear 6" hole milling in progress.

For the front 6″ speaker, I also decided to mill a rectangular recess around the speaker. I’m planning to install some sort of a metal grille (or mesh) to it, just need to source that first. Forgot to line up the sheet exactly with the milling table, so the recess turned out slightly misaligned :)

Front 6" installed, grille still waiting to be sourced.

Though the rear 6" is a rather tight fit on the inside..

..there's no sign of it on the outside :)

Edges of side panels filled, front speaker box assembly in progress.

To clean up visible edges of the sheets, its leftover drywall filler again. Negliglible weight gain anyway.

For the paint, I’ve bought black hammer-finish paint from the Hammerite product range. I know it’s a metal paint, but I’ve just been itching to test how this paint looks! As for the color, I would’ve wanted dark or light blue, but unfortunately the shop had the hammer-finish only in black and silver. Sucks :(

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