C64 keyboard, chop it

Lemming / Orange was kind enough to donate me a Keyrah he no longer had use for. Figured it might be a good subject for a round 2 of ‘playing with epoxy‘.. This time around though, I decided to that I’ll skip the sorry attempts at heating/forming plastic :)

Lower half cut into two and a piece sliced out.

So yeah, a C64C enclosure and the same-old same-old trimming procedure. About an hour worth of sketching and cutting, I had the trimmed halves for both upper and lower parts. Adjusting them to a decent fit, a couple of hours more trimming and sanding (*YAWN*).. Glass fiber PCB bits for glueing supports as usual. Nothing quite like it once paired up with plastic using cyanoacrylate glue (joint solidifies in less than a minute).

Lower halves joined and rear ports sealed up.

Lower half assembled, test-fitting the bigger piece of upper half.

The rear ports are going to need quite a bit of filler..

Cover plate for the USB connector.

After this, the first round of epoxy to fill up the seams on the enclosure halves. For some reason, I figured I’ll test the cyanoacrylate glue as filler on the upper half. Not really a working approach, so I’ll get to sand away some mess and repeat the fill with epoxy.

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