14 responses to “Odyssey, sliders”

  1. DT says :

    Hey – I take it you got these from Synthrestore. Did they work well?

    • arto says :

      No these were sourced elsewhere, but I guess they’re the same thing that Synthrestore offers. The fastening lug is a bit smaller than on originals, so figuring out the best way to solder the parts in needed a moment of practice.

      The travel is not as smooth as with some higher quality sliders and the plastic has a very cheapo feel to it. Nonetheless, they sure are far better than the cleaned originals I had :)

  2. henry says :

    wow.. where did you find these? synthrestore already finished stock and I can’t wait restore my mk1

    • arto says :

      Not sure if it was the factory, but it seemed like one at least. Gotta love having the corporation backup ;)

      Drop me some mail, I might be able to help you to get started with the restore.

      • henry says :

        just sent the mai via the whowhatwhy contact form..

        • arto says :

          Not sure why, but my mail server is unable to deliver mail to yours. Just keep getting ‘user doesn’t have mail account’. Any other ones you could use?

  3. Bob Owen says :

    Hey There,
    I desperately need new slides for my Odyssey. Would you be willing to share where you got the slide pots from? It would be most appreciated!

    • arto says :

      I got them from a factory in China, but it seems to have gone out of business. You could try searching Alibaba or other similar site which lists wholesale/manufacturer companies from China. Use a search term something like “potentiometer slide 45” and you’ll at least get a bunch of LED sliders that look similar to ones used in the Odyssey Lumina mod.

    • arto says :

      Returning to this question, Mouser seems to stock certain Alpha sliders that might work as replacements. Just search for RA4520F. They also have RA4545F (similar to Lumina), but sadly enough 1M is not stocked.

      The RA4520F doesn’t look pin compatible though, so you’ll have to get creative figuring out a way to mount them on the Odyssey pcbs. Who knows, maybe some simple mech adapter (mounting bracket of sorts) could be used..

  4. Jeff Smith says :

    Can you post any help on how to desolder the sliders and get them off the PCB? The metal clips which hold them on the pcb – do they need to be twisted to get them through the slot?

    • arto says :

      Not much to it, just desolder all the pins and straighten the locking clips on both ends of the part. I have the slider cleanup process documented here: https://amazingdiy.wordpress.com/2007/08/15/odyssey-sliders/

      • Jeff Smith says :

        Thanks arto. I did manage to get one off. One of the tabs on the locking clips broke off, but seems you found a workaround with cable ties.

        A couple addition questions: Did you use anything on the q-tips? Alcohol or some cleaner? Also, did you put any lubricant in these when before putting them back? I’ve read various ideas on this, but am confused about what the best solution is, if any. I have some tri-flow teflon drops and may use that. I just don’t want to damage anything in the slider. I understand there is one side is carbon and the other rubber. Is that right?


        • arto says :

          I used isopropylene alcohol; it works well for all the metal surfaces, but with the carbon tracks you need to be very careful. Give them a very light treatment, like single wipe in one direction with a very light touch (no rubbing etc). Or skip cleaning the carbon surface altogether.

          Haven’t tested any of those lubricants, so can’t comment. I know this much, that if the slider surface is polymer-based (like the new spares pictured in this post) then the lubricants will damage the slider. Maybe check with the manufacturer if the lubricant you have is good/safe for carbon track potentiometers?

          Carbon & rubber are more of a keyboard contact thing (as in, vertical movement against there surface), as in this application the rubber also serves as a spring element. Sliders use lateral movement, thus implementing the other contact surface using rubber would cause unnecessary friction. Would probably wear off quite fast too ;)

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