MAME cabinet, VGA converter unboxing

VGA converter in the mail, yay \:D/. While opening up the box, I got the idea of making a unboxing post about it. If you actually want to read something serious about my MAME project, then you should definitely skip this one :)

In case you’re not familiar with unboxing, it’s a pointless fetish of sorts where some dork opens the retail packaging of a whatever newly bought gadget and drools over it. Want more proof, just try Youtube with this search. Scary as it gets, some of these clips actually get quite a bit of views; there’s f.ex. a Iphone 4 unboxing clip with + 1,5 million views.. WHY?! :D

The converter I bought is this one from DealExtreme. Priced slightly under 24USD it’s about as cheap as these devices get, thus I’m not expecting much quality out of it. But more on that later. For now, let’s roll with the unboxing.. my style! I’m ready contribute to the pool of internet idiocy.

OMG! It's a cardboard box..

..and inside it, there's the stuff I paid for!

At this point, things actually took a fun turn. Since this device has “made in China” all over it, of course I should’ve expected to find a bit of engrish in the manual. But I didn’t, hence some unexpected entertainment!

Hmm, cinema effection.. Bring it on!

The converter is not just only COMPACT, but also light, thin, short and small!

Sure, whatever.

Ok engrish getting boring, moving on.. Not that the sentences pictured above were the only weird ones, far from it.

Finally, the converter itself

Picture adjustment switches

Bottom side.

And finally, we get to my kind of “unboxing” :). On the lower side of the PCB, there’s a EtronTech 16bit 1Mb (2x512k) SDRAM chip of type EM636165 (datasheet here) and some support circuitry. Can’t think of any other use for the memory than buffering frames.. On the upper side there’s a VXIS VX1937 video encoder chip (datasheet here) with its support circuitry. Neat level of integration.

The bottom side of the circuit board..

..and the upper side.

Not much anything else to it.. Now that I’ve seen what’s inside, it’s time to hook it up and see how it performs! Stay tuned for some video testing.

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