Granny Cruiser, mysteries of the hub

A couple of sessions more into this project and we have the frame ready for decals and lacquering..

Frame sanded..

Solid layer of primer on the bare surface once again, but this time allowing it to dry up for about a day. Then, light sanding over the primer (600 grit) followed by dust removal (damp cloth + compressed air) and three layers of paint. One can of primer and paint were just enough for the fork and frame.

..primer applied..

..and painted!

Whilst Niina was finishing up sanding the frame, I spent a good few moments dissecting the rear hub. When pedaled, the rear wheel (besides making awful dragging noise) is kind of skipping under the torque sometimes, so there has to be some pretty loose (and worn out?) part somewhere in the hub. But what to look for?

The rear hub dissected.

Being a complete n00b with this type of bicycle mech, opening up the hub for closer inspection didn’t really reveal anything to me. Sure, the balls on the bearings seem loose but I’m unable to detect signs of excessive wear besides a few scratches on the brass-looking bit. When turning the axle, the edged bits in the middle do seem to grip together without slipping, so I’m wondering maybe the axle just wasn’t fastened tight enough. It did seem tight enough during disassembly..

And where the hell is that dragging noise coming from?!?

The hub axle has both a regular bearing (visible in the picture above) and a “cup & cone” type inside the sprocket end. The latter is loose enough for the balls to fall off.. Which is why there is the one ball next to the sprocket in the picture above ;). The hub is of brand ‘Favorit’, so if you have any tips what I should be looking for, pointers are very much appreciated!

Besides the daring hub adventures, I also stripped Donors #2 and #3. At a closer inspection, Donor #2  appeared to be near-completely rusty junk (minus the front handbrake) whereas Donor #3 has at least a decent front wheel, chain guard and mudguards. The rear wheel of Donor #3 is ok too and appears to be of 5-speed internal gear type. However, there’s no chain coming from inside the hub at all. No idea whether the chain (w/ terminal for bowden cable) from Donor #2 could be somehow kludged here. Surely, it would at least work as a single speed (but coasting-capable) wheel :)

On both Donors, the chains are in far better condition than the ones from Donor #1. Downside is that they’re some links shorter. I’m thinking of test-fitting them anyway, once the rear wheel is sorted out. If we get lucky, maybe the longer one will be just enough with minor rear wheel position adjustments.

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