Bicycle Recycle (aka Granny Cruiser)

The problem: Wife would like a bicycle for next summer but shopping for a shiny brand new mass-produced one is boring.

Fun DIY solution: Let’s collect some trashed bicycles, pull parts and transform them into something “personalized” together..

..let’s see where this project goes :)

Me and my wife Niina have discussed about making some kind of a ladies cycle (we call it ‘Granny Cruiser’) for her. We’ve also had one abandoned 28″ bicycle (finnish brand ‘Tunturi’, step-through frame) put aside just for this use for quite some time now. When we found it, it was in pretty bad shape; both wheels were missing, chains were rusted stiff and all of the chrome parts had rust spots all over. Nonetheless, the frame itself looked stylish and it was ok minus a few rusty spots in the paint.

The frame, stripped of parts and paint removal started.

Now then, as we’ve come across a few abandoned “donors” during the last 5 months (or so), we figured maybe now would be a nice time to kick the project forward. Maybe the Granny Cruiser will then be complete in time for the summer!

Sooo.. Around three hours were spent today mostly stripping the old rusty parts from the Tunturi -frame. The seat post was particularly well rusted stuck to the seat tube; the only way to remove the post was to drill through-holes and pry it of by inserting a large screwdriver through the holes as a lever / handle bar. Once the frame was stripped, Niina started removing the paint from the fork with a poly abrasive drill bit (sure took a while for me to figure out what that tool is in english) whilst I focused on dismantling Donor#1.

Niina removing paint from the fork.

Analyzing cross-compatibility, it turned out that the pedal crank and the chains were of same size. Handlebar and mudguards seemed similar enough, but I’ll figure out later whether they actually fit. Why bother measuring any of the parts for exact dimensions at this point ;).

Rear wheel might be re-usable, but the previous owner of Donor #1 said the bearings are busted (wheel makes squeaky noises). Have to open up the hub and take a peek inside, I suppose. The frame of Donor #1 is definitely certified metal recycle material, as the joint where seat and top tubes connect has been slightly fractured. This has been fixed once by welding and now that is showing signs of a new fracture.

Donor #1 for the project

By the time I was done dissecting Donor #1, Niina had already started on the Tunturi -frame. As the battery on the drill died up shortly after, we figured we’ll just call it a day after cleaning the mudguards and the pedal crank. With quite a few of the parts sorted out already, the project seems to be off to a swift start. Like it like that!

Rough texture left by the poly abrasive disc.


Chicks with grinding power tools rock! <3


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