TV game experts?

Got a bag of IC chips from a friend, among the assortment there were some wide-DIP chips starting with AY -prefix. Knowing that the ZX Spectrum (a 80s 8-bit home computer) used a certain AY chip for sounds, I was of course interested what these chips might be.. Quick look around the net and they turned out to be General Instruments video game chips, namely the AY-3-8603 (Roadrace), AY-3-8606 (Wipeout), AY-3-8610 (Supersport), AY-3-8710 (Battle) and AY-3- 8675 (Motor Cycle). Certainly enough to get me just that bit more curious!

First up, stumbled across the GI history @ Looking up datasheets didn’t take too much time either. After a bit more searching, I came across this thread on Electronicspoint. Cool, app notes (and then some) for some of these chips! Now I’m wondering if these chips could be easily tested for functionality and even work..

So.. TV game experts out there, any further links to resources, pointers for testing or anything else related? Thanks to Mark Zenier, I do have a bit of reading to do on the topic at least :)

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