mfx cda01

A quick one to round up 2010.. We (as in the musicians of demoscene group mfx) decided to put up our mfx cda01 CD-R compilation (released in 2002) to digital distribution, just for the fun of it! So, it’s now available on a bunch of music services like Spotify. Check it out!

Any $$ made with this release will be directed to our ‘mfx Hawaii retirement fund’.. or possibly used to finance duplication of a certain pending mfx release ;)

Unfortunately at the moment, the artist names are missing so the release just shows up as ‘mfx’ printed as the artist. I’m not sure if it can be corrected (submitted a request already) as the album is “up” already, so here’s the correct artist list:

Cover artwork of 'mfx cda01'

Cover artwork of 'mfx cda01'

  1. Little Bitchard – Intro
  2. Nosfe – Destroy
  3. Mcre – Coan 72
  4. Mel Function – Sad Quark
  5. Synteesi – Tr31
  6. Little Bitchard – Empire
  7. Dixan – Loollabye
  8. Uncle-X – Severed Pits
  9. Dixan – Brillian White of a Distant Sun
  10. Mel Function – Mad Cow Disease
  11. Uncle-X – Lounge Chair
  12. Nosfe – Listen
  13. 1in10 – VIOLENCE ASTRAL Mk2
  14. Little Bitchard & Uncle-X – Millssi
  15. Synteesi – Target
  16. Mcre – Bias Tch
  17. Little Bitchard – MySQR

The correctly titled free download version is available at as before.

That’s about it for 2010.. Happy new year everyone! :)

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