Computer fan speed controller

This was supposed to be a simple “fan speed controller board needs an enclosure” kind of a project, but I got carried away a bit thanks to enclosure options available at hand.. Or moreover, the lack of them. Put short, I chose to recycle a old CD drive to be used as enclosure for a dual fan speed controller.

Circuit-wise, there isn’t anything special going on. Just a on/off switch that feeds a power indicator LED and a potentiometer to control what amount of voltage gets sent to the fan. Double this for two independantly controllable fan outputs, of course. I decided to locate the parts on a piece of stripe-plated perfboard so, that the buttons on the bezel of the CD drive could be used for the on/off switches.

Other than that, the build was more about test-fitting the board with the CD drive bezel over and over again until a sturdy enough solution was reached. Roll ze piczts :)

The CD drive gets it!

Testing the controller board, running just fine :)

Top side of controller board

Bottom side of controller board

Testing the completed controller.

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