Fast forward

Nothing better than starting a post by quoting yourself :)

..I’m going to start importing my diy stuff one by one, starting from the oldest to the more current stuff. This might take quite some time, as I will definitely need to jog my memory about the details surrounding the old stuff.

It’s been a year now since I started importing the old projects to this blog and it’s been going relatively well up until some time this summer. At this point the “backposts” reached somewhat the end of 2007 in the timeline, at which point the lack of old build logs started slowing down my progress (not to mention other stuff going on IRL).  In general, it seems that my performance with the logs has been a bit bad around late 2007 all the way through 2008. Thus, I’ve spent quite some time parsing together the progress of individual projects from that time without getting much read-worthy written about them.. But it’s not that this is the real problem, I know I will eventually get this problematic time frame sorted out ;)

The (motherfucking!) real problem is that, whilst being stuck with the logs, I’ve been also completing new projects and these are not documented anywhere. So, before I forget the minute details about the “new ones”, I figured I might just ditch my original plan of a “strictly linear timeframe” and start posting also the more current stuff. To help my non-RSS followers find the latest writings, I’ve added the ‘Recent Posts’ widget to the sidebar. This way, despite the front page might only list the latest posts (by date), the freshly written (but time-wise) older posts will still be accessible from the front page.

Time to fast forward to present date and start adding projects (somewhat) as they happen!

Thanks to Glxblt for the earworm ;)

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