Jerry Springer, part 4

Finally got the paint/oilwork and decals for ‘Jerry’ sorted out, so nothing much left than to present the completed unit! I sketched the decals in CorelDraw9 and printed them to Lazertran. The decals were then roughly cut to shape, applied using the water transfer method and spray-lacquered over. Naturally, the face of you-know-who had to be included ;)

Using separate pieces of Lazertran leaves the edges of each one visible; this is nothing too pretty when viewed up close but from further distance they’re somewhat ok. I can’t recall how many times I’ve thought “if only these sheets were available in larger sizes”.. This would allow you to print a single decal the size of the surface you want to decorate without leaving visible seams and edges.

And what does Jerry sound like? Here’s a clip of Jupiter-4 playing an arpeggio whilst fx mix is swept from dry to wet and back. Sounds like a spring reverb sure enough!


3 responses to “Jerry Springer, part 4”

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  2. Arto says :

    Updated download link for the sound demo

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