Jerry Springer, part 3

Filling, sanding, filling, sanding.. And then sanding a bit more: The theme for today’s session, as I’ve been alternating between filling up and sanding the excess holes on the bezel plus sanding the wooden top part to be treated with wood oil.

After third round of filling and sanding, the surface seemed smooth enough for the paint. There are a few small dents that will definitely be visible after the painting and when viewed from a very close distance, but reckon this is fine enough for “Jerry”.

After I had applied the first layer of paint, I left the parts to dry overnight and assembled the electronics.

I managed to fry the output half of the amplifier board whilst testing the circuit (wrong connections on the lab PSU or sth, oops!), so the output section of the unit is now just the plain tank.

Next up, I need to whip up some fancy bezel graphics!


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