Jerry Springer, part 2

To get the ball rolling with this project after yesterday’s test setup, I decided to focus on the enclosure. I have had a old broken 70s stereo system (ASA brand) put aside for whatever suitable project and this is definitely one such. So:

ASA stereo, the case for Springer

The top bit needs some sanding plus a fresh layer of wood oil and most of the holes on the front panel will need to be filled up (“Jerry” will only have a power switch and a input gain dial). These are anyway fixable within a reasonable amount of time, so the case is quite fine for the project.

The amplifier board from the cheap plastic speaker replicas required a 6VDC power supply. Luckily enough I had a simple 220VAC to 7VDC wall wart in my box of power supplies..:

AC/DC transformer for Springer

.. with these sorted out, I’m all set. Let’s rock! First, the stereo had to be gutted and filling supports glued to the inner side of the bezel.

Gutting the unit took actually quite a while and when this was finally completed, I glued some empty PCB bits (ever so familiar items from my build projects) as bezel filling supports. On the picture above, I already have the power switch and the input gain potentiometer installed to the inner frame. Close-ups of these two:

Both parts needed a few spacers between the frame and the part, otherwise their shafts would’ve been too long for the front plate to fit in. The mounting hole for the potentiometer was way too big, so it needed a few extra spacers. After these were in place I decided to leave the bezel filling supports to dry up overnight even despite the epoxy seemed dry enough.


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