Power indicator for Megadrive2

For some reason, I’ve always found the lack of power-on indicator LED on Megadrive 2 annoying. No idea why Sega decided to remove such a cheap part when revising the hardware.. Maybe they secretly wanted someone to devise a silly mod such as this one here! As I had a couple of white LEDs to spare, I decided to rid myself of this annoyance for good and install the LEDs inside the case. Illuminated power switch, yay \:D/

It’s simply two LEDs with appropriate current limiting resistors to the +5V supply, so I won’t bother drawing a schematic. Should you need one anyway, pay a visit to the Ye Olde Clue Shoppe.

No, the mod is not pretty on the inside..

..but it works :)

I decided to install a connector in-between, this way the top part / LEDs can be disconnected from the board.

The illuminated power switch in action!

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