x0x, testing testing

In order to complete calibration and initial testing, I decided to make a temporary mounting solution for the x0x modifications. I chose to go with the following mods:

  • VCO: Slide time adjust
  • VCF: Resonance boost, VCO modulation, overdrive
  • Env: Variable decays, env. mod. amount, increase accent range, accent sweep speed
  • VCA: Bass boost, muffler distortion

Some other mods like ‘gate / env. on forever’ can be added at a later stage. At this point I was only interested with mods that affect the sound in some way. Need to hear whether I like a particular mod enough to incorporate controls for it to my enclosure design. The Pac-Tec cases with mods added on both sides of the top panel are f-u-g-l-y (so steer clear from that shit :P).

The modification controls on a temporary mounting solution :)

Calibration in progress..

Following the instructions from the x0x wiki, calibrating the analog side was a snap. The digital side.. well, crap. The buttons and whatnot behaved like the microcontroller (MCU) is on Valium..  No wonder why; a bit of poking around with the oscilloscope revealed that it’s running at a wrong clock rate! Nothing else visible that might cause the problem, so I’m guessing the internal setup options (aka ‘fuses’) for the MCU are not right.

Looking around the Ladyada forums revealed nada, the topics there seemed to mostly revolve around basic “Hi I’m a n00b” type of stuff. So, where to get the proper setup options??

Looks like I have a bit of testing to do..

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