x0x, test assembly #1

With the button cabling sorted out, I focused immediately to assembling the keyboard and making a test assembly. This is good for testing the buttons/LEDs and their cabling for functionality. I also get to verify some mechanical clearances to base further decicions about the enclosure on.

Test assembly #1.

For the panel, I simply printed the basic x0xb0x panel layout to paper and transferred this to a scrap piece of clear acrylic. This is a quick way to get the drill holes roughly to appropriate spots, perfect for mockups and such. Once potentiometers are wired this test assembly should also be good for testing / calibrating the mainboard.

Sideview of test assembly #1

Another sideview of test assembly #1

Of course, I had to do a bit of testing with the LEDs as well :).

This is what a green LED looks like..

..and a orange LED.

Above, you can see how the LEDs are installed on top of the switch. A button is fastened to the top panel and a clip-on mounting flange is attached to it. Finally, the keyboard PCBs is fastened to the flanges with screws, leaving the LEDs inside the hollow button shaft. In case you’re wondering “what flanges?”, they’re the beige ones slightly visible under a button. The first side view picture on this post shows them slightly better.

Also, on the picture above, the button lenses are not yet installed (hence the recess on the surface). A decal can be inserted under the lens, so I’m thinking of printing graphics on a overhead projector slide. This way, the step buttons will have numbers on them etc.

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