TR9090, paint & stuff

Advancing the TR9090, I’ve been doing a bit of painting and decals for the enclosure this week. After pondering on decaling options (Lazertran or perhaps.. Lazertran?), I decided to test hand-painting them with a yellow paint pen instead. Turned out somewhat ok and it also gave the unit a kind of a funny/organic DIY look :)

Front plate ready to R-A-W-K!!1

The tip of the paint pen was too thick for finer details, so I worked on those with a regular sharp-tipped permanent marker. This left a slightly different tone against the black spray paint, but once I got the front plate spray-lacquered the difference evened out. This difference is still visible if you look up close and in some certain angles, but nothing that bothers me at least.

In case you were wondering about the milling on the back panel in my previous post, it was because the VCR casing didn’t allow for the output board to be used as-is. So, I simply cut it in half and bridged the halves with short cables. This allowed me to “sandwhich” them to the suitable opening on the enclosure.

The output board cut in half to make it fit inside the case.

All the connectors on the back plate needed additional mounting plates, I cut these from either acrylic or the PCB leftover bits. You can see half of the power switch mounting plate (made from a piece of PCB leftover) in the previous pic on the left.

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