MAME cabinet, moar mekaniks

Seemingly on the roll with advancing old projects, I decided to do a bit mechanics and electronics for the MAME cabinet as well. Namely, I installed a power socket extension cord / splitter, mounted the display electronics and completed the mechanical installation of the loudspeakers. The obvious photos:

For the loudspeaker system I decided to use this old Labtec 2.1 computer speaker set left over from one old desktop system. The satellite speaker elements needed to be removed from their cases and mounted to installation sheets. These I cut from a empty thinner can. Nothing too fancy, but definitely easy material to work with. For some reason unknown I figured that the subwoofer could be installed on the upper corner inside the cabinet.. Wait, what?! Yeah right, install a huge magnet right next to the vacuum tube? The subwoofer was swiftly relocated to the bottom of the cabinet after this “revelation” occurred, too bad it took me a few days :)

To be able to install any buttons to the front panel, the monitor mounting shelve needed a small cutout on it.

Well, maybe I did go a bit overboard with the cutout, but at least there’s plenty of room for bigger buttons or switches! ;)


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