Sega Menacer power supply mod

Bought a Menacer light gun for the Megadrive some weeks ago.. Can’t say I’m too happy about the battery operation, six triple-A batteries worth of W-T-F! I’d rather have it running on a separate power supply vs. keeping the option of ducking behind the sofa for a reload, so time for a power supply mod then! Figured I’ll go for that default 9VDC wall-wart (like with my Megadrive)..

Menacer, electronics

Hot glue, the (not-so) secret weapon of the tinkerer..

Menacer, through-hole for the connector

Dear me, what a neat hole!

Amazing display of plug’n play.

Now if only this mod would improve the quality of the bundled games.. :)

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2 responses to “Sega Menacer power supply mod”

  1. SD-Snatcher Alpha says :

    Do you know the pinout of this light gun?

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