Kick scooter

Whilst going to work one cold morning this november, I found the remains of a kick scooter on a grassy slope next to the sidewalk. Wheels were busted (bearings intact though), handle bar missing and so forth. Figured I might as well take the bits with me and see if I could fix anything usable out of them.

These parts have been sitting on my shelve ever since, until last week I figured that a kick scooter might come in handy at work. Thing is, with the current office layout, I have to fetch replacement parts for devices being serviced from the other end of the building. As I do this many times a day it’s a bit of a bore to repeatedly walk back and forth. So why not speed these part runs up a bit with a kick scooter :) .. Tommi, a good friend of mine (also working in the same company),  saw this as a worthwhile quickie as well, so last friday we took the kick scooter bits under inspection..

I had already bought a new set of wheels earlier during the week, so we just needed to locate the rest of what was needed. That is, bolts to replace the damaged folding mechanism, a length of metal tube for the missing handle bar and some fixture to mount one of the plastic ESD storage boxes to the handle bar (for carrying parts). After a few hours of looking up parts around the office and assembling, we had the kick scooter in working condition. To “finish” off our wonderful repair design, we found some bits of green felt leftover from what had been bought for furnishing the company booth at some past marketing fairs.

And of course, the most important part of any proper repair, the “Repaired by” sticker :)

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