Playing with epoxy

Had a bit of quiet time at work last friday, so I decided to play around with a bit of epoxy. With possible future projects in mind (maybe a second QuadSID?), I’ve been wondering about testing how good epoxy is for joining larger bits of plastic and how solid structures can be achieved. Usually, if you apply a really thin layer of epoxy it stays slightly flexible despite completely dried up whereas larger layers result in a solid grindable/sandable surface. Larger gaps are also slightly more difficult to fill with epoxy; before drying up to shape it tends to slowly deform if no support is added.

And the actual plan? Take a C64 model C, cut pieces of similar size away from both halves of the casing and glue the remaining bits together with epoxy, resulting in a more compact C64. After all, I have plenty of C64 cases left over from the QuadSID project that I need to figure some use for, so this test was a good starter on that. I recall seeing one similar chopped C64 at some finnish demoparty years ago, so I guess it makes this one a piece made under the influence of that one :)

Prior to actually glueing the pieces of both halves together, I got a silly idea that maybe I could just melt the bits together by warming them up. Well.. Just to have this on piece of information “on the record” so that no-one has to try this themselves, I can state that it sure as hell doesn’t work ;) .. Glad to have that delusion out of the way. Anyway, the actual glueing was a success, the epoxy just needed to be applied in several layers as it tends to deform (thanks gravity!) whilst still wet. The pictures..:

The bits I tried to melt together should be rather apparent ;)


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