Midibox SID V2

After completing the QuadSID, I had one leftover encoder. The most obvious use for it besides spare parts? Yep, upgrade my Midibox SID incorporate the simple Control Unit A. After a bit of modeling, I decided to use a single perfboard copper tracks facing up (aka the same approach as with the QuadSID). Difference being, as there is no keyboard frame or such underneath, I can mount the electronics directly to the lower side of the board and use the LCD as mounting support. So, first step.. fashion a piece of perfboard approximately to right size, matching the display element:

SID V2, control unit perfboard cut to right size

Not much to it really after this. Just drop in the parts, cut the copper stripes in appropriate spots and solder in parts & bridges..

SID V2, control unit parts mounted

..and here are the close ups from the upper and lower sides of the plain control unit board..:

SID V2, completed control unit, upper side

SID V2, completed control unit, lower side

After the board was complete, I drilled holes for the buttons and encoder to the casing, removed the old stickers, lightly sanded the casing (light enough to leave some of the old scratches intact ;) and gave it a fresh layer of red and new set of stickers. The encoder knob wasn’t an exact match color-wise, but maybe I’ll come across a better one some time later.

As for pictures of the completed unit, head over to the gallery page :)

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