Elektor Vocoder, part 3

Parts parts parts.. Sure has been a slow crawl towards the target of acquiring all the parts. Currently I’m lacking a coherent set of potentiometers, most of the active parts (4xxx series / opamps) and some of the odd-value capacitors used on the BPF boards. The rest of the passives and misc supplies are sorted out though.

Anyway, returning to the previous etching issues I have a few more close up photos from one of the boards..:

Some neat holes and cuts there! I wonder whether the traces had turned out better if copper pours had been used (or added) to fill up the larger empty areas in the original mask designs? It would’ve cut down the etching time at least, this might’ve saved some of the traces.

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2 responses to “Elektor Vocoder, part 3”

  1. obsoletetechnology says :

    Hi there, Have you succeeded in finishing this project?
    I have built one, see it here: http://obsoletetechnology.wordpress.com/projects/elektor-vocoder/

    It was well worth it!
    Cheers, Veste

  2. arto says :

    Still incomplete, but slowly getting there. Noticed your site sometime earlier, planning to link to it at some point ;)

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