Step sequencer

Parallel to building my TB 3k3 I had been, to some extent, getting acquainted with various sequencer designs. After taking my time searching and evaluating these, I ended up with a slightly modified Superseque schematic. This design, by Thomas Henry, is about as simple as it gets whilst still having a formidable set of features like sequence playing direction. I modified the schematic to include a second 555 timer chip as the original design relied on external sync alone. The sync source is simply selected with a switch. I also opted to use SMD parts where ever possible as this simplifies the board manufacturing procedure a lot, I get my share of drilling through-holes with the Vocoder project anyway..

Page 1 of my modified Superseque schematic

Modified Superseque schematic (click to download pdf).

Besides the internal timer, I added switches for switching the gate steps on/off. Having done quite a bit of sequencing with a Cyclodon sequencer (thanks for borrowing, Nosfe!), having only the choice of constant note on per step gets boring pretty soon. As for the actual etching mask, well, as far as I ever got was this..: this point, all the routing became a nuisance so I’m storing the whole project for “later re-evaluation” \:D/

Present Day Update: I came across the Klee sequencer project several years later and ordered the PCBs for that one. Klee offers far more innovative features compared to this design, so I reckon this project is binned for good. Now, if I only had the time to start working on my Klee ;)

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2 responses to “Step sequencer”

  1. veryfungi says :

    You’re schematic link is broken on the Thomas Henry SuperSeque modification.

    • Arto says :

      Thanks for the heads up. Not sure if I still have the pdf, need to check. But it was close to the original schematic anyway (link at beginning of post) :)

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